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Vertical Selections


Periodically we find ourselves with the opportunity to showcase multiple vintages from the same vineyards side-by-side.

This is our favorite way to explore the effect that the climate of each vintage has on the wines produced on a vineyard by vineyard basis.

These vertical selections come in gift packaging and include two to three vintages, depending on what we still have in stock.

In all cases, the older vintages are limited in quantity, but still have years ahead to age gracefully if you choose to lay them down in your own cellar.



2015 Pratt Vine Hill Chardonnay

"This Chardonnay has all the exuberance of the Russian River appellation - powerful and seductive in texture with the perfect backbone of acidity.  I love the flinty notes you get in the nose and thread of minerality that carries through layers of yellow stone fruit and hints of toast that persist through a lengthy finish"


2014 Sundawg Ridge Pinot Noir

 In every vintage, this small vineyard on a rolling hillside in the warmest part of Green Valley is the first to harvest. We can set our winemaker’s watch by it, knowing with some certainty that the other vineyards will fall into line right behind it, if not necessarily quickly. Overall, the 2014 vintage might be described as ‘feminine’ but Sundawg is traditionally opulent, big and rich, with a noticeable influence of the dominant Pommard clone planted here. Bright lively acids are framed with tart cranberry, sour cherry and pomegranate, a brawny expression built for the cellar, and rewarding for those with the strength to be patient.


2014 Toulouse Vineyard Pinot Noir

Toulouse is another important touchstone to the MacPhail tradition, dating back to 2002. Today, MacPhail is the only winery sourcing fruit from the vineyard, with most going into the Toulouse house brand. This is one to put away for a while, allowing the whole cluster influences to mellow a bit. Dark cherry and rich red plums shout for attention, in a well structured wine with classic Anderson Valley notes of earthy spice and crushed rock. Fleshy and full-bodied, it’s not for the faint of heart. Authentic in every way, this is a style recognizable and revered.


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